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 Legend of Rock wk 1

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PostSubject: Legend of Rock wk 1   Sat Mar 26, 2011 1:19 pm

"God of Thunder" by KISS hits the soundsystem as Gene, Tommy, and Slash make their way down the ramp, and enter the ring.
Gene: Cut the music!
Season finale, we lost our gold.
Camera show some fans holding signs showing Ododobe and Darth.
Gene: And now we find out we cannot take the belts back, because the champs are going into hiding in Japan.
Darth, Ododobe, sooner or later, after playing with second class talent, you must bring them belts of ours back home, and when you do, they will again be around the waist of the true champs.
Gene slides out of the ring to sign a few autographs ringside for the loyal LOR fans.
Tommy: Something else happened the season finale, that is more disturbing than losing the gold.
This one this legends cannot deal with.
Ugly girls?
Crappy outfits?
Cheesy mustaches and afros?
The one thing that gave sex, drugs, and rock and roll music a black eye.
Disco music and the whole scene.
Night Fever.
Tommy is interupted by cheers for the fan favorites Night Fever.
Tommy: Night Fever, the Legends of Rock rule this place, there is no room for disco fun in our house, our federation, and our ring.
Some booing and chants are being heard in the crowd now.
Slash: KIller season finale, we spilt blood.
We bashed each other with weapons.
And in the end you got you hand raised as the victor.
Well tonite, your going to become the shortest reigning champion in the history of TZW.
Tonite, I execute my rematch clause, and I take my belt home with me.
And you leave the arena, like Buster Douglas, a big fluke.
The music hits and The Legends of Rock exit the ring and make their way up the ramp.
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PostSubject: Re: Legend of Rock wk 1   Wed Mar 30, 2011 3:35 am

While The Legends of Rock walk up the ramp, "Burn Rubber on Me" by The Gap Band starts playing in the sound system.

Sidney Magal and Gunther come walking from the middle of the crowd, while people touch and salutes them on their way. They jump the arena crowd isolation and go up in the ring.

Sidney Magal Grabs a Mic

Sidney Magal: Good Evening People!!!

Crowd responds: Good Evening!

Sidney Magal: Hey...hey...hey...what do we have here? Look, Gunther. It's Geddy Lee!

Gunther: Yeah...I can see that, but dude, it's Tommy Lee, not Geddy Lee.

Sidney Magal:'s Geddy Lee, then?

Gunther: The world's uglyest bassist!

Sidney Magal: Woooho! A good bass groove is DA BOMB for dancing!

Sidney Magal Starts dancing

Gunther:Ok! Ok! Haha! But getting back to Tommy here, that's the kind of guy that know, look at him...looks that kind of guy who would film sexual experiencies with a 90's
sex symbol and put it on the internet just to show of.Don't you think?

Sideny Magal: Yeah...that what he looks like...

Gunther: Yes. And for a matter of fact, let me tell you, Tommy. I did it once...or maybe a hundred times. Among them, With a girl named Pamela Anderson. And let me tell you...SHE was the one who wanted
to put it in the internet...not know it would take some problems in my hundreds of million girls showing up in my place, just to get some of my magic!

The female part of the crowd cheers

Gunther: But Pam wanted it so much...I took the risk for her...

Sidney Magal: Seriously? And what happened?

Gunther: I had to live in Alaska, to avoid the excessive number of gals, you know...lots and lots of ice liquified.

Sidney Magal: Wow. That's shocking...And you guys, Jerry Lee, Squash and the one with the tongue...just to make something clear here. Boogie Nights Never End, ok? I don't see any cheesy moustache around here...except for the guy with a NY Giants T-Shirt over there in the third row, but that's not the case here...

Gunther: What Magal is tryin' to say, is that we had our territory here BEFORE you guys came out here to play. This stage is ours, we groove here, we dance here and we got funky every single night!
If there's something wrong about that or you..just say it, and bring it on for!

Sidney Magal: Yeah! Let's put some blood on the dance floor!


If The Legends of Rock want to continue, feel free to post.
If The Legends of Rock is done, then:

"Burn Rubber on me" by The Gap Band starts playing again, while Gunther and Magal walk up the crowd again, dancing with them.
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Legend of Rock wk 1
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