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 Facing the Demon

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Facing the Demon Empty
PostSubject: Facing the Demon   Facing the Demon I_icon_minitimeSat Apr 02, 2011 11:20 am

From the crowd, Monsterio runs down to the arena. Many fans pat him on the back as he makes his way down. Within the arena, he shakes the ropes violently as he calls for the microphone from the bell handler.
Monsterio: Once more, Monsterio returns to the support of the mortal warriors. The pay-per-view, Monsterio was the last one to be eliminated. Monsterio lost to Steven. Monsterio will not make the same mistake again.
The fans continue to cheer as Monsterio continues to rant.
Monsterio: Stutterer, Monsterio has seen you fight. Monsterio has seen you get defeated. Monsterio is not impressed. However, Monsterio is a fair warrior. Monsterio is willing to have competition. Monsterio and Stutterer have something in common. Steven has something that both of us want to obtain, the Heavyweight gold.
The crowd cheers even more with that announcement.
Monsterio: The Steven Wonder Man will be dealt with when Monsterio gets to him. Right now, I have a demon to take care of, and that demon's name is Gene Simmons. So Gene, come out here like a man Monsterio will make you descend from the Earth and back where you came from.
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Facing the Demon
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