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 You Want It? You Got It!!

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Steven The Wonder Boy
Steven The Wonder Boy

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PostSubject: You Want It? You Got It!!   You Want It? You Got It!! I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 1:15 am

The crowd goes ballistic as Move by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to roar out the arena speakers and Steven “The Wonder Boy” storms out onto the stage, wearing a black suit with dark red pinstripes, a microphone clutched in his hand while the World Heavyweight Championship gleams on his shoulder.

Dale: Here comes the World Heavyweight Champion. His obviously fuming after that 2 on 1 assault by Stutterer and AJ Durham last week.

Tag: Yes but maybe if he keeps a cool head, he can walk away tonight with his title and hopefully his body in one piece.

Dale: Well keeping a cool head has never been one of Steven’s strong point I think.

Tag: Typical young people nowadays. Can never think straight, unless they have a genius like me at their side. Hence The Brotherhood’s success.

Dale: Sure…

Steven shakes hands with a few fans before ascending the ring steps and ducking through the ropes into the ring.

Steven: Ladies and Gentlemen!! Welcome to the True Official Start of T.Z.W!! The Appearance of Your World Heavyweight Champion!!

Crowd: SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!!

Steven: No, no, no that’s not good enough. Remember we’re at T.Z.W here people, you can do better then that!!

Crowd: (Louder) SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!!

Steven: No, no, no remember we’re in the Twilight Zone and not that crappy show from way back when. Or even that crappy video they show during the Disney Hollywood Tower of Terror… actually isn’t that the same as the crappy show… anyway point is this is the Twilight Zone folks. The entire world is watching, making wise cracks about our mothers, so lets try this again.

Crowd: (Even Louder) SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!!

Steven: That’s better. Now then before we get onto a most important matter concerning T.Z.W’s own band of Village People. Lets talk about the responsibility of the World Heavyweight Champion, yes that’s right the World Champion has responsibilities. As World Champ I’m the face of T.Z.W, I’m what makes people go either “What a wonderful show” or “What a piece of crap.” So I thought as World Champion, mostly thanks to the support of you people, to show the world we are not all muscle clad, bone breaking, blood spilling, brainless twits… well maybe that only some of us aren’t. Certain moustache wearing people and people engaged to bimbos are excluded. By showing everyone the heart of T.Z.W.

Steven taps his fist against the left side of his chest.

Steven: You see despite having a major headache due to having a few dozen fist rammed into my skull last week, I took the time to visit a hospital for terminally ill children. I signed a few autographs, handed out a few presents, read a few books to them met the parents. You know the whole package and it was such a wonderful experience. As the current face of T.Z.W I really showed those kids that T.Z.W has their backs and cares. Now then when exactly did that spineless coward Stutterer ever visit a bunch of sick kids? When did Durham ever give back to the fans who cheer… well actually it’s now former fans who cheered him on but you know…

Steven makes a money sign with his fingers.

Steven: This is all they care about, be Champion, make a few extra simolians. Get some glory and then crush the little guy. This is what T.Z.W will be like if Stutterer ever regains the gold and is World Champion side by side with secondary World Champion AJ Durham. Remember folks the Cross Over Championship is a World Title too, though not as a big a one as the one I’m holding.

Steven pats the Championship on his shoulder.

Steven: Well I say right now that while Team Wonder can’t stop Durham from continuing to be Cross Over Champion, I can leave that up to the dozens of guys we have in mid card. Team Wonder can stop Stutterer from ever becoming World Heavyweight Champion again!! Stutterer you mute jackass, let me quote that sack of fossils you call a manager.

“We demand our rematch!” Etc, etc. “It will take place next week here on Cross Over!” Blah, blah, blah. “And it will be a Last Man Standing match!”

Dale: Those are Eric Fisher’s exact words Tag.

Tag: Nothing says I’m the best like a Last Man Standing Match. Knock your opponent down for a 10 count. Only the very best can do that.

Steven: So Stutterer!! You want me in a Last Man Standing Match!? You want MY World Heavyweight Championship!? You want my ass here tonight!? You Got It!! Tonight it will be me vs. you, Steven “The Wonder Boy” vs. The Stutterer: Last Man Standing Match!! I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long, long time, you and me one on one once again!! But unlike last time, instead of almost beating you fair and square and then beating you by a disqualification. This time I WILL Beat You!!

Steven holds the World Heavyweight Championship in the air with his right hand.

Steven: You want this? Well tough luck because tonight all you’ll get is a big fat medical bill as I send you to the hospital!! But only after I’ve squeezed every last drop of blood from your body!! The closest you’ll ever get to this title tonight is if I decide to smack you up side the head with it!

Steven places the World Heavyweight Championship back on his shoulder.

Steven: Now as for Durham. Mr AJ Durham. Always wondered… does AJ stand for Ajay? Or Absolute Jackass? Anyway I’ll just say this, AJ!! The Wonder Boy will Never, Ever Forget!!

Steven raises the World Heavyweight Championship once again in his right hand to the applause of the crowd, before ducking through the ropes and starting to head back up the ramp.
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You Want It? You Got It!!
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