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 Before the match of Skullcollector vs Squirrel Cage

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Before the match of Skullcollector vs Squirrel Cage Empty
PostSubject: Before the match of Skullcollector vs Squirrel Cage   Before the match of Skullcollector vs Squirrel Cage I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 12:35 pm

The song "Monster" from "Skillet" sounds from the sound-system.

Sparks warp the stage and a black dressed person raises slowly.

Skullcollector slowly walks out of the sparks to the ring.

His face is painted like a human skull and he wears his trademark chain.

The crowed starts to bow.

As he enters the ring, Skullcollector grapes a micro.

Skullcollector: “It´s a long time since I had a wrestling match.
As some of you maybe remember I had to for fit my TZW Television Championbelt, because of the injuries I got in the feud with Billy Ray Sanguine.
I crushed through tables, fall one a car, get finally pushed over the ring ropes and crashed onto the ring steps.”

A short clip plays, which shows the actions of season 2.

Pain fulfills Skullcollectors face.

But I am not the person to complain.
This night my hunt for the belt i´ve never lost, will start by defeating Squirrel Cage.
Why have I to fight him anywhere?
It isn´t my fault that he lost last week, but this kid want to have a lesson in hardcore.
Now bring the first victim out!”

Skullcollector sits down in one corner and waits.
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Before the match of Skullcollector vs Squirrel Cage
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