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 End of Ethan Shields vs Xyno [Spoiler]

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End of Ethan Shields vs Xyno [Spoiler] Empty
PostSubject: End of Ethan Shields vs Xyno [Spoiler]   End of Ethan Shields vs Xyno [Spoiler] I_icon_minitimeTue Apr 12, 2011 12:37 pm

The referee raises Ethan Shields hand in victory.

A persons slides behind him into the ring.

It´s Skullcollector, with a metal baseball bat in his hand.

He charges to Ethan Shields with the baseball bat raised.

As he is about to hit him, Skullcollector stops abruptly.

Motionless Skullcollector stands behind him.

Ethan Shields turns around and looks surprised at him.

For one moment both stare at each other.

Skullcollector drops the baseball bat and leaves the ring.

Dale Griffin: “Do I have to understand Skullcollector?

T.A.G.: „For me it´s make totally sense, he will beat Ethan Shields fair, to proof himself.”

Dale Griffin: “That wouldn´t fit to his actions in the past.
Maybe it is a game.”

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End of Ethan Shields vs Xyno [Spoiler]
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