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 A Return and A Rematch

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A Return and A Rematch Empty
PostSubject: A Return and A Rematch   A Return and A Rematch I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 13, 2011 8:03 pm

The fans seem to be enjoying another great episode of Friday Night Cross-Over. All of a sudden the lights in the arena dim out. After a few seconds of pitch darkness, the arena is filled with green lights. At the same time, a familiar entrance theme starts playing over the P.A. system. Its 'Money Talks' by AC/DC.

Dale Griffin: Oh my GOD!! Is it really him?? Is he really back??
T.A.G.: Who? What are you talking about?
Dale Griffin: Just shut up for a minute. You'll get all your answers.

A custom made Bugati Veyron enters the arena and stops just near the entry ramp. A few seconds pass by. Then the driver of the car opens the door and steps out. The crowd goes mad with euphoria when they realize that its none other than Averis. Averis is wearing a custom made Armani suit. He races towards the ring as the crowd loudly chant his name... "Averis!! Averis!!"

Dale Griffin: I knew it. I knew it was him. How could I ever forget his entrance theme.
T.A.G.: Ah!! After all the fuss you made, I expected someone far more interesting. But alas!
Dale Griffin: Oh shut up, will you? This guy used to rock this place.

Averis steps in the ring. He takes a few seconds to soak in the appreciation he is getting from the crowd. After a while, he asks for and gets a mic from Tanith Low.

Averis: Thank you. Thank You all. Oh man. I've been missing this so much. You guys are amazing.

Averis gets a loud response from the crowd.

Averis: You know about four or so months ago, I got a call from the TZW General Manager Mr. Reigns. He asked me to come back to TZW. Come back to you guys.

Again the crowd gives out a loud cheer.

Averis: But I had so much going on at that moment that there was no way I could join the roster, even through I knew that's what my heart wanted. But as I followed TZW every week, it became harder and harder for me to stay away from TZW. From you all.

Averis gets another huge pop from the fans.

Averis: So I decided that enough is enough. This is what I'm meant to do. And that's what I'll do.

Dale Griffin: Boy I'm happy he's back.
T.A.G.: What a surprise.
Dale Griffin: Oh.. Shut Up.

Averis begins to speak again.

Averis: Well.... now that I'm back, we are gonna have to take care of business. And since one week has already passed in this season, I guess there is no time to waste. Last time I was here, I had this fight going on with this guy. He wouldn't stop messing with me. And as you know, I would not stay put either. But all I know is that we never had a conclusion to this rivalry. You know a final seal. But I say, now that I'm here, and he is here, lets do it no later than tonight.

The crowd erupts on hearing about the possible match up.

Dale Griffin: My God. It can't get any bigger.

Averis: So, that seals it. Tonight it will be the long-long awaited rematch. Tonight it will be Averis, up against, yes you guessed it right, Jason Chronos.

T.A.G.: I hate to admit it, but even I'm looking forward to it.
Dale Griffin: Not just you T.A.G. The entire arena, no the entire world is looking forward to this.

Averis returns the mic to Tanith and steps out of the ring. The camera zooms in on him and then slowly fades to black, as TZW: Friday Night Cross-Over goes to commercial.

{[End of Segment]}
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A Return and A Rematch
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