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 Interview with Skullcollector

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Interview with Skullcollector Empty
PostSubject: Interview with Skullcollector   Interview with Skullcollector I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 3:19 pm

Backstage Donovan Wreath stands with Skullcollector.

Donovan Wreath: “Tonight I am here with Skullcollector. Hi, how are you and first off all congratulation on your win over Commander”

Skullcollector: “Thanks and I feel great.”

Donovan Wreath: “Before we come to tonight.
The fans want to know, what exactly happened, that you was out for more than one season?”

Skullcollector: “Everyone saw how I got the injuries.
I had to get multiple surgeries.
The worst part of my body was my back, this was one of the most painful experiences in my life.
After that I had to train for weeks, to get cleared to compete again.
For some time it was even a question, if I would ever come back to wrestling, but I did it.”

Donovan Wreath: “This was a very intimate look in your live.
Is this the reason for you recently attitude change or are we all on the wrong way?”

Skullcollector: “I am only my like always. I haven´t changed.”

Donovan Wreath: “All right. The last week, you talked about regaining the television championship belt, which you had to for fit. But then you lost against Squirrel Cage, how will you go one from now?”

Skullcollector: “Yes, I lost. I could make excuses, like me not being hundred percent. After all I have a guaranty rematch and I want it next week.”

Donovan Wreath: “Good point and I believe that you will get it soon.
Thanks for this interview.
We all hope that we will see more great matches of you.”

Skullcollector leaves.

Donovan Wreath: “Goodbye...."
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Interview with Skullcollector
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