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 Lor week 3

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PostSubject: Lor week 3   Lor week 3 I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 20, 2011 11:27 pm

"God of Thunder" by KISS comes on the soundsystem as Gene and Tommy make their way down the ramp and enter the ring.
The loyal Legend of Rock fans are acting as their typical crazy selfs.
Gene: Hell yeah!
Blackout we saw Tommy dominate his match against the John Travolta wanna be, yes Tommy came up short, but we learned a lot about said "pretender".
We saw, that their gimmick is better than their game, and their game is far better than their skills.
Some Night Fever chants are being heard mixing with the LOR chants.
Tommy: And tonite, Gene gets to pickup where I came just a bit short.
Gunther, you don't stand a chance against the Demon tonite, he is gonna beat you seven ways to Sunday.
So tonite, after Gene whips your sorry ass all over the mat, that means we split, which tells me, next week, season finale, we finish our little song and dance.
That is if you have the testicular fortitude to even step into the ring, with Legends such as ourselves.
When we finish with you next week, it isn't going to be about disco, big hair, and nappy women anymore. Its all about which pasture you pretenders get to graze in as you watch us take back our tag team belts when the chumps return from Japan.
A funny aroma overtakes the arena as three little pigs run down the ramp, and run under the ring.
A camera spots two people standing on the rafters in the shadows, their faces cannot be made by the cameras, as TZW goes to commercial.
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PostSubject: Re: Lor week 3   Lor week 3 I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 21, 2011 3:57 am

OBS: Idealized to be used just before the match between Gunther and Gene Simmons.

"Burn Rubber on Me" by the Gap Band Blasts the Sound System while Gunther goes down the ramp for his ladder match against Gene Simmons. Sidney Magal is walking by his side, as a manager. They go dancing and touching fan's hands along the way.

They go Up in the ring and Magal grabs a mic

Sidney Magal: Hello People!

Crowd: Hello!

Sidney Magal: I'm going to be real simple, and direct, since my friend Gunther here's got a ladder to climb. Look, people. Do I need to remember you what happened last Tuesday? I think I need. I overdanced Jerry Lee...

Gunther: Tommy Lee! haha

Sidney Magal: Yeah, Yeah. Hey Tommy Lee! How dare you say you dominated the match? I mean...look at the footage. The only thing that you dominated, was the sound of your body slaming in the mat!

The Night Fever Part of the Crowd Cheers, While the Legends of Rock Part Boos.

I overdanced Tommy Lee so fast, that his Tag Partner tought that I was someone else. You know...that actor who made a Funky Movie called "Saturnday Night Fever", John Marsvolta. But dude, it was not John Marsvolta. It was me! Making your friend have some serious bad moments in the Dance Floor! He's right by your side. See how he looks beaten up? That's how you're gonna look like in some minutes!

Sidney Magal gives the mic to a Staff member and goes down the ring, waiting for Gunther's opponent to come to the ring.


OBS 2: I was thinking about Tommy Lee coming to the ring with Gene Simmons and we make a little "riot" after the match. If you guys aproove, just continue the RP and tell me if I need to post anything...
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Lor week 3
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