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 Night Fever Roleplay for "The Button" Segment.

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Night Fever Roleplay for "The Button" Segment. Empty
PostSubject: Night Fever Roleplay for "The Button" Segment.   Night Fever Roleplay for "The Button" Segment. I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 2:13 am

Night Fever is called down in the ring to press THE BUTTON, so the three matches of the evening can be defined.

"Burn Rubber on Me" by The Gap Band plays in the sound system, while Sidney Magal and Gunther come down the ramp dancing and saluting the fans.

Tanith Low is waiting near the button to interview Gunther and Magal.

Before walking to the button, Magal and Gunther shake hands with Dale Griffin and T.A.G.

After both of them are near the button, Tanigh Low starts her interview

Tanith Low: Good Evening, Gunther and Sidney Magal. Night Fever!

Gunther, speaking sexily: Hello, my lady. It's a pleasure for the pleasure man to be here in front of a gorgeous woman like you are, you know...

Tanith Low, a little shy: Oh, Thanks...

Gunther: And let me ask, you...are you busy for tonight? I mean...we can press some more buttons in my hotel room. As many buttons you want...

Tanith Low, tryin' to avoid Gunther's ideas: Let's focus in the interview, ok? We're live on TV now...

Gunther, getting closer to her and talking lower: Yeah. I know...Do you have an idea of how many women around the world would pay to be right here
in your place?

Tanith Low: Ok...ok, Now...Sidney Magal. Answer me. We know about the issue that Night Fever is having with The Legends of Rock. Are you afraid of being choosen for a match with one of them today? Since The Button can choose anything?...

Sidney Magal: Well...That's a Good Question. Look. I'm not afraid of anything. Have you seen my match with Tommy Lee? Have you seen what was left
of him after that? I Mean...I think he has slices of the ring ground glued in his face until today.

Gunther blinks his eye and tries to seduce Tanith Low staring at her...she seems to be embarassed.

Tanith Low: But...ahn...But Gene Simmons won his match against Gunther, right?

Sidney Magal: Well, yeah. But...I won my match. Each one's gotta a point, right? I mean...there's no Hollywood movie where the hero wins in the begining. You need to have a whole story. And look at us...we're the heroes here. We've got the rhythm, we've got the girls, and we're gonna get The Gold!

Tanith Low: But...what about the possibility of Legends of Rock getting the next victory?

Gunther: I can answer that, Sweetie...

Tanith Low turns the microphone to Gunther.

Gunther: Hmmm...don't look at me like this now. We cannot go wild in front of all these people. I can see the desire in your eyes...but save it forme, honey. The night is just a child to be growth. In the're gonna think it was to short. But I asure you that it's going to be worth. You'll
never be the same again...

Tanith Low: Gunther...the answer please...

Gunther: Ah! Yeah! How can I forgot? You talk about the possibility of Legends of Rock getting a possible victory in a upcoming match, right? I love your scientific way to measure the most insignificant possibilities...Of course we think about this. But...what's the chance of Barack Obama come
through the arena window flying in a airplane made of potato? That's your exact chance of a Legends of Rock victory to happen.

Tanith Low: Okay boys. Now...let's get to The Button. He will show us our three matches of the evening. And remember Gunther and Magal. Even You canbe choosen to wrestle anyone. Including a match between the two of you.

Sidney Magal, steps up to The Button.

Sidney Magal: Yeah. I know. I would be great, right? you say...issue, is still open, right? We should close it today. Or maybe Friday, right? It's up to The Button. But...if The Button doesn't colaborate...guys...Legends of Rock...are you there? We're here...again! Waiting you again! Where are you? Gonna run? Do I smell Chicken Crap in the air? C'mon...let's dance again!

Sidney Magal presses the button first.

legend killer & Kero vs The Highlight ReeL - S1ngH & The instant classic BMC
Tag Team One Fall

Sidney Magal: Well...Tag Team Competition Already. These are my favorites!

Gunther presses the button now.

Averis vs Ard497
I Quit Match

Gunther: I Quit Match? Great! Night Fever is doind alright here, What do you guys think? Averis is a very good wrestler. Let's see what he can bring us.

Magal presses The Button for the Last Time.

Dan Dowson & Pyromax vs styxx & Peaches
Tag Team One Fall

Sidney Magal: Tag Team Again. Right! Too bad we'll not settle the score with Legends or Rock today, right, guys? Anyway...if you want to come here to give us the response...Will you accept our challenge for next week? Gunther and I will be right here in the first row. Waiting for you!

Gunther suddently kisses Tanith Low's cheek and both Magal and Gunther dance a little more before going down to their seats. They salute their fans on the way
I was thinking. It would be great if in the end of the show, Gunther and Magal are in the ring after a match, or in the announce table to comment a match, and Legends of Rock come down the ramp for a brawl. So, after a big Brawl(with no apparent "winner"), The General Manager can Schedule a Tag Team Match for the #1 Tag Team Contender for Friday. What do you guys think?

PS: Sorry for taking too long. But the feud is going to an End, So I think it would be nice. If our match can't be for #1 Tag Team Contender, it's ok too. If you guys need me to do any other thing, just PM me
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Night Fever Roleplay for "The Button" Segment.
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