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 Important To Be Here (Blackout)

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Steven The Wonder Boy
Steven The Wonder Boy

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PostSubject: Important To Be Here (Blackout)   Important To Be Here (Blackout) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 3:27 am

The crowd present for Blackout is ecstatic as Steven “The Wonder Boy” appears on the Titantron, side by side with Donovan Wreath. The World Heavyweight Championship gleaming on his shoulder.

Donovan: Please welcome my guest at this time: TZW World Heavyweight Champion Steven “The Wonder Boy”!!

More cheers come from the crowd back in the arena.

Donovan: Now Steven first off, why are you here tonight on Blackout?

Steven: Well Don it’s simple. It’s Blackout. People don’t know if they will or won’t fight tonight. So basically Tuesday is the night you have the whole TZW Roster in the building. We all have to be here in case we’ll be chosen to wrestle tonight.

Donovan: But why this interview if you’re just here “in case”?

Steven: Well Don, I was told by one of Reign’s lovely assistants that tonight he has an important announcement to make involving the World Championship Match. Now as World Champion I feel it’s important to be here when something like this happens.

Donovan: I see. Any guess as to what Mr. Reigns might announce?

Steven: Well we have our #1 Contender: Monsterio!!

Cheers for Monsterio roar from the crowd.

Steven: We have our arena: TZW Cross Over!! And we have our date: April 29th!! Now all we need is the all important Match Type. Then Steven “The Wonder Boy” vs. Monsterio II will be all set!! But to find that out we need to hear what Reigns has to say, so if you don’t mind I need to go find me a TV monitor.

Donovan: Sure thing.

Steven tilts his shades at Donovan before walking off camera.

Donovan: Well I guess it’s back to Dale and Tag in the arena. Over to you fellows!!
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Important To Be Here (Blackout)
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