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 World Championship Match Poll (Blackout)

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Steven The Wonder Boy
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PostSubject: World Championship Match Poll (Blackout)   World Championship Match Poll (Blackout) I_icon_minitimeMon Apr 25, 2011 3:45 am

Cheers fill the arena as Palladio by Karl Jenkins begins to play and Mr. Reigns makes his way down to the ring. With a quick hand for silence to the crowd, he asks for a microphone from ringside and steps into the middle of the ring.

Mr. Reigns: Folks I hope you’re enjoying Blackout here tonight. I’ll try to keep this short so as not to keep you from the action that you’re dying to see. Now tonight I’m here to supposedly announce the Match Type for the World Championship Match in 3 days time.

Dale: Wait so he isn’t?

Tag: Guess Steven got some bad news or maybe even Punk’d.

Mr. Reigns: You see normally a World Championship Match has a big build up, but of course with Monsterio accepting Steven’s challenge only last week there hasn’t been much time. Well I say we make us a build up for the match!!

Dale: When the GM says his going to do something, his GOING to do something!!

Tag: That we can agree on.

Mr. Reigns: Now seeing as we have Monsterio looking for Immortals and Steven claiming he IS an Immortal. We need a Match Type worthy of an “Immortal vs. Immortal Match!!”

Dale: Wait didn’t he just say… I’m confused…

Tag: Wouldn’t be a first.

Mr. Reigns: But I’m not going to tell you what the Match Type will be. Instead from now until the Match you can go onto this poll on called the World Championship Match Poll and decide for yourselves, what the Match Type shall be.

Dale: What!? His going to let the fans decide?

Tag: Well he wanted build up, this is going to generate some.

Mr. Reigns: Now then it would be wise of course for me to tell you the THREE chosen Match Types that you can choose from. Number 1: Seeing as the Last Man Standing Match between Steven and Stutterer was so crazy, how about another? First choice is a Last Man Standing Match, or LMS as I hear you kids like to call it nowadays.

An image appears on the Titantron.

1) Last Man Standing Match

Mr. Reigns: Number 2: Monsterio should be very familiar with this match. It was the Match Type for the match which was voted Match of the Year when TZW originally closed. Hell in a Cell!!

The image on the Titantron changes.

1) Last Man Standing Match
2) Hell in a Cell Match

Tag: Steven and Monsterio already proved what they’re capable of when they’re locked in a cage together when they stepped into the Elimination Chamber. An excellent choice having Hell in a Cell on the poll.

Mr. Reigns: Number 3: Seeing as there’s all this talk and mention of Immortals, how about a match known for making Immortals, for showing you have the skill to go the distance to prove that you are the absolute best. How about an Ironman Match!!

The Titantron changes once again.

1) Last Man Standing Match
2) Hell in a Cell Match
3) Ironman Match

Mr. Reigns: Well there you have it. There are you’re three choices for the World Championship Match. It’s all in your hands now. Whatever you the people decide goes. The power is in your hands.

As the crowd cheers for Mr. Reigns and TZW, Reigns holds his hand up in acknowledgement.

Dale: It’s all in the fans hands now.

Tag: Yeah, I guess my phone was busy otherwise he would have asked me.

Dale: Don’t flatter yourself partner.

As Reigns turns to ringside staff to hand back the microphone, Move by Thousand Foot Krutch begins to play and the crowd goes nuts, while Steven “The Wonder Boy” makes his way down to the ring. Never breaking eye contact with Reigns as he stands on the turnbuckle and raises the World Heavyweight Championship up to the crowd.

Steven quickly steps down and asks for his own microphone from ringside, still never breaking eye contact with Reigns.

Steven: If you thought of leaving just now, think again.

Dale: Reigns better watch himself. Last time Steven was with a boss of his, he beat the guy up in his own office and bludgeoned the guy’s son with a wrench in the boiler room!!

Tag: Really!? Interesting…

Steven: So let me get this straight. You can’t decide what match me and Monsterio should have come Friday so you’re letting the fans decide?

Mr. Reigns: Correct and Steven let me ask you something. Aren’t you a Champion of the Fans? I thought you of all people would love the idea of the fans choosing the Match Type.

Steven: Well you are also correct Reigns. But truthfully it doesn’t matter what the fans pick!! Last Man Standing!! Hell in a Cell!! Ironman!! It doesn’t matter what they pick because whatever they pick it will be the RIGHT choice!!

Crowd: SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!! SMC!!

Steven: You see either way I’m walking out of Cross Over as World Heavyweight Champion!! And not just TZW World Heavyweight Champion!! But their World Heavyweight Champion!! Because Last Man Standing: I can beat Monsterio!! Hell in a Cell: I can beat Monsterio!! Ironman: I can beat Monsterio!! In case you weren’t listening last Friday night, last time me and Monsterio fought for a Championship, I kicked his ass!!

Mr. Reigns: Indeed you did.

Steven: And this Friday will be no different!!

Mr. Reigns: Now I think you may be selling Monsterio a little short there. AS you can see from this grey beard and grey hair I’ve been around a very long time. I’ve seen it all boy. Now I can tell you that what I’ve learned is you may get a win today over someone, you get a win over them the next day, but sooner or later they’re going to the win instead. Just think about that.

Steven: Well thanks for the lesson, but let me tell you something. I’ve HAVE beaten Monsterio once and I WILL beat Monsterio again!! I know Monsterio is and I think all the Monsterio fans here tonight will agree with me…

The crowd chants for Monsterio.

Steven: … that Monsterio is a bloody tough guy, his a man of steel. Well I said this was the Era of Team Wonder!! And no man of steel is going to make it end, he can try like I said, but he won’t. Now I’ll just say this and we can get back to the show. Get on and vote, but remember!! All three Match Types will have the SAME conclusion!!

Steven drops his microphone to the floor and uses his foot to slide it out of the ring, before walking backwards towards the ring ropes, never breaking eye contact with Reigns. He hooks both ropes before flipping backwards over the top and down to the outside. Steven finally breaks contact with Reigns as he turns to walk back up the ramp.

Dale: Strong words by the champion.

Tag: Yes but with the power in the fans hands how long will we be able to call him that?

Dale: Good question.
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World Championship Match Poll (Blackout)
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