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 Skullcollector statement

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PostSubject: Skullcollector statement   Skullcollector statement I_icon_minitimeWed Apr 27, 2011 7:46 pm

The song "Monster" from "Skillet" sounds from the sound-system.

Skullcollector runs to the ring and slides in, his face is painted like a human skull and is black dressed.

He smiles happily and grabs a micro.

Skullcollector: “Isn´t this night great?

It´s look like we have a great card for this night.

Finally I get my rematch, it was about time.

I guarantee all you fans, tonight I will finally bring glory back to the television title, by defeating the mother's boy Ethan Shields.

Maybe he isn’t the worst wrestler, but at the end of this night I will be the last men standing.

Yes I could make hundreds and more jokes about the child of our federation and I hope he can finally go to the toilet without his mother or big brother.”

Ethan Shields appears on the ramp.

Ethan Shields: “Could you finally leave my family out?

I defended my belt all the time without them.

Besides last week I defend Squirrel Cage, to which you lost.

You wouldn´t get a shoot at this title, if you haven´t the rematch clause.

For me you aren´t worth it and you shouldn´t have any hope.”

Skullcollector: “Hasn´t your mother told you, that it is rude to interrupt other people?

By the way you have slime on your face.”

Ethan Shield touches his face and tries to wipe the not existent slime.

Skullcollector:” I am just kidding with you.

We will meet each other later in the ring.”

The song "Monster" from "Skillet" sounds from the sound-system.

With a big smile Skullcollector leaves the ring passes an angry Ethan.
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Skullcollector statement
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