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 The Results So Far

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Steven The Wonder Boy
Steven The Wonder Boy

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PostSubject: The Results So Far   The Results So Far I_icon_minitimeThu Apr 28, 2011 5:31 pm

The crowd at tonight’s Cross Over go crazy as Steven “The Wonder Boy” appears on the Titantron, Donovan Wreath by his side with a microphone in his hand.

Donovan: Please welcome my guest at this time: TZW World Heavyweight Champion Steven “The Wonder Boy”!!

Steven raises the World Heavyweight Championship to the camera, before placing it back on his shoulder.

Donovan: Now Steven the fans have been voting non stop since Tuesday night. Which of the 3 Match Types do you think they’re going to choose for tonight’s World Heavyweight Championship Match?

Steven: Like I said on Tuesday Don, it does NOT matter which type of match the fans choose. Last Man Standing!! Hell in a Cell!! Ironman!! It’s all good!! Either one will provide an excellent battle ground to face Monsterio in.

Donovan: Well we can tell everyone how the poll is going so far. Note that the poll is still ongoing and the final result will not be revealed until it’s time for the Championship Match.

Back in the arena the Titantron changes to show:

1) Last Man Standing Match 0%
2) Hell in a Cell Match 0%
3) Ironman Match 0%

Quickly the percentages start to rise as the results get revealed.

1) Last Man Standing Match 30%
2) Hell in a Cell Match 43%
3) Ironman Match 27%

Dale: Looks like Hell in a Cell is in the lead so far.

Tag: Yes but that can all change soon, we have a long night left ahead of us.

The Titantron goes back to Steven and Donovan.

Donovan: So what do you think of the results so far?

Steven: Well clearly it looks like so far most people would rather see Steven vs. Monsterio: Hell in a Cell!!

A roar of approval can be heard from the fans back in the arena.

Steven: I guess they remember Monsterio’s last Hell in a Cell Match, which was also for the World Heavyweight Championship. A match if memory serves, the poor guy lost. But that may not be true in the next hour or so, Last Man Standing could very well get a boost in popularity and be the winner. And after I cleaned the clock of Stutterer in our Last Man Standing Match, Monsterio will have the same fate.

The crowd starts to cheer for Monsterio.

Steven: Or in a sudden upset our current 3rd place aka last place contestant Ironman could very well be the Match Type. I’m sure there’s a lot of wrestling fans out there who would love to see a traditional pure wrestling based match, which an Ironman would offer. Then again last time I was involved in a “pure wrestling” related thing, it ended with me getting busted open with a steel chair, so those people had better cross their fingers!!

Donovan: So seeing the results so far hasn’t changed your opinion on the situation?

Steven: Nope!! If they want Hell in a Cell, I’ll go into that Hell in a Cell with my head held high ready for battle. If the results change to LMS or Ironman, I’ll do the exact same thing. Walk into the match with my head held high ready for battle.

Donovan: Well I guess all I can say is until the final result is given, good luck.

Steven: Thank you Don, but I don’t need luck. And though he can speak for himself and doesn’t need me to speak for him, I‘ll say it anyway, Monsterio doesn’t need luck either. No matter who wins tonight!! Both of us will put on a show the fans will never, EVER forget!! And both of us will get a standing ovation.

Steven adjusts the World Heavyweight Championship on his shoulder.

Steven: Though I promise the Soldiers of Team Wonder, it will be me though that walks out of this arena as their TZW World Heavyweight Champion!!

Steven moves away from Donovan and walks off screen.

Donovan: Once again this was me Donovan Wreath, Backstage at Cross Over. Back to you guys at Ringside!!
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The Results So Far
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