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 Basic Rules

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PostSubject: Basic Rules   Basic Rules I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 19, 2010 2:36 pm

Please read these thoroughly! If you have any questions about any of these rules, please contact the GM as soon as possible.

Twilight Zone Wrestling (TZW) is a federation in "The Wrestling Game" (TWG). All rules that apply in TWG are therefore also valid here in TZW. However, some of these rules will be mentioned here separately even though they might already belong to the TWG set of rules.

Language, conduct, content:
The language on TZW, i.e. in the forum, the chat, the RPs and the moves, is English. Please try to use as little slang as possible in order to avoid misunderstanding.

Remarks/posts with discriminating, racist or sexual content as well as swearing will not be tolerated, neither on the chat nor on the forum. The General Manager will take necessary actions in the case of violations, that can also include reporting them to TWG staff, without further notice.

Insults are only permitted in the RPs, but not on chat and rest of the forum, and only as long as they are kept to a minimum and do not include discriminating, racist or sexual content as well as too rude language. Inappropriate topics or content is subject to editing and/or deletion by TZW staff.

Everybody in TWG and TZW deserves to be treated with respect.

It is not allowed to flame, flood and spam, neither in chat nor in the forum.

It is not allowed to use any content, including pictures, videos, speech, names, etc. that is copyright of WWE or TNA.

Roleplaying is an essential part of fed-life in TWG. Everyone on the roster will be required to at least have a go at it. Help will be provided by staff if you need/want it.

In order to meet TWG standards, all roleplays are required to have a minimum length of 10 lines of written text unless context/content of the roleplay allow otherwise (commercials, etc.). If a roleplay is considered too short, it might not go into the show.

All roleplays are to be posted on the forum within the thread that corresponds to the week it is supposed to air. Roleplays that are submitted less than 24 hours before the show is supposed to air, can not be guaranteed to make it in the show.

Further rules on RPing can be found in the Basic RPing thread.

It is not allowed to talk about contracts and their content, either in TWG or TZW. This includes forum, chat and PMs.

Don't delete your contract when it expires unless you want to leave TZW. Contracts will be re-newed during off-season (or when larger numbers become due). If you delete your contract, you will NOT be re-hired.

{As long as they are not deleted, contracts are still valid, even after they have expired.}

Inactive Members:
Inactive characters signed to TZW are allowed to be used by all members of TZW for the purpose of building feuds and/or adding depths to storylines. The inactives have to be assigned to the same roster as the person "using" them. For this purpose the "GOD-MODDING" rule, as described in the Basic RPing section, is loosened up a bit. Still it will NOT be allowed to use characters in a degrading way or abuse the character in any way.

All usage of inactive players has to allowed the General Manager beforehand. If a (now) inactive character has posted a Gimmick on the forum, the member using this character has to try to incorporate parts of the inactive's personality.

In case of doubt, the General Manager will judge which players are to be considered "inactives".

It is not allowed to act on behalf of T.Z.W. without special permission by the General Manager. This includes recruiting people in TWG (e.g. chat) to TZW. In case a member of TZW is contacted by someone interested in joining this federation, the member is only allowed to ask the interested person to contact the GM directly. Alternatively the member can contact the GM and ask him to check/contact the interested wrestler.

Changes/Additions to this set of rules will be announced. All changes go in effect in the moment they are announced by being posted in this thread. They will be marked as new/edited including the date of change.

In the case of violation of any these rules, the General Manager, will enforce the appropriate measures. In case of violations, warnings will be issued. If a member has gained more than 5 warnings, he/she will be banned from TZW immediately and be reported to TWG staff, if the violation also has impact on the TWG environment.
In case of major violations, no warnings will be issued and an immediate ban from TZW will be enforced. TWG staff will be notified, if if the violation also has impact on the TWG environment.
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Basic Rules
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