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 Intro To World Title Match

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Steven The Wonder Boy
Steven The Wonder Boy

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PostSubject: Intro To World Title Match   Intro To World Title Match I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 1:11 am

The camera zooms in on Tanith Low standing in the centre of the ring, a microphone in her hand.

Tanith: Ladies and Gentlemen it is now time for the Match for the TZW World Heavyweight Championship!!

Cheers roar from the crowd.

Dale: And the question is Tag. What will the Match Type be?

Tag: LMS? Hell in a Cell? Or Ironman? Those were the choices the fans had to pick from.

Tanith: Now introducing the person who will reveal the results of the online poll. The General Manager of TZW: Mr. Reigns!!

Cheers fill the arena as Palladio by Karl Jenkins begins to play and Mr. Reigns makes his way out onto the Entrance Stage. A fancy envelope is clutched in his hand.

Mr. Reigns: Ladies and Gentlemen what a night it has been so far. Lets see if we can’t end it with a bang.

Reigns holds the envelope in his hand up to the crowd.

Mr. Reigns: In my hand, I hold the results of the World Championship Poll!! A poll as you all know, put a little bit of the General Manager Powers into the hands of all you people. A poll which let every TZW fan around the world vote on what the Match Type for the World Championship Match should be. A Last Man Standing Match? A Hell in a Cell Match? Or an Ironman Match?

Dale: Those were the choices, but which one got the most votes from the fans?

Tag: Maybe if you’d zip it we’d be able to find out.

Mr. Reigns: Now you’ve all be voting hard since the end of Tuesday Night, the voting ended just a few minutes ago, and the votes were added up. Now I can safely say that the winner is…

The arena is silent except for a few murmurs here and there.

Mr. Reigns: … Actually I have a better idea. Remember when we let a member of the crowd push the Blackout Button a while back? Well how about tonight, we do a similar thing!!

The crowd goes wild at this news.

Dale: You heard it from the GM himself!! One lucky fan is going to get the chance to be on Live Television and reveal to the world what the World Title Match will be!!

Tag: Lets just hope they’re not another bottled blonde Dale.

Dale: Oh would you stop!!

Mr. Reigns: Could I have a spotlight please?

The arena goes pitch black and a single white spotlight appears from above the ring and slowly pans through the audience.

It goes faster and faster and a thrilling music sounds in the background.

Suddenly the spotlight stops.

A beautiful young woman is illuminated in the light.

Mr. Reigns: Security if you’d please? Help this young lady up here would you?

Two members of TZW Security move over too the young woman and escort her over to the barricade, where they take her hand and lift her over the top.

Dale: There’s our lucky winner folks.

Tag: Oh great another woman with more curves then brains… wait what am I saying!?

The young woman is shaking with excitement as the Security finally get her up to the Entrance Stage where Reigns stands waiting, an extra microphone in his hand which he hands to the young woman.

Mr. Reigns: Thanks guys. Well I guess congratulations are in order young lady. So what should I call you?

TZW Fan: Mi… Michelle…

Mr. Reigns: Well congratulations Michelle, you are our lucky winner!! So here is the envelope.

Reigns hands over the fancy envelope to Michelle.

Mr. Reigns: Now in your own time, open the envelope and from last to first, tell us the results. Be as dramatic as you want. It’s what the two competitors usual do.

Laughter comes from the crowd.

Michelle: Ok… *clears throat* La… Ladies and Gentlemen… in 3rd place is…

Michelle slide her thumb under the flap of the envelope. Her eyes can be seen darting back and forth across the results before her eyes. She waits a few good seconds.

Michelle: Last Man Standing with 30% of the votes!!

The Titantron changes to show:

Last Man Standing 30%

Dale: Looks like we won’t be seeing a Last Man Standing Match for the World Title here tonight Tag.

Tag: Ah well LMS is so overrated anyway.

Michelle: And the Match in 2nd place is…

Michelle waits twice as long this time.

Dale: You could cut the tension here with a knife!!

Tag: Would she just get on with it!! This is why I hate contest shows.

Michelle: Hell in a Cell with 34% of the votes!! Which means Ironman is the winner with 36%!!

A mixed reaction from the crowd is heard. While the Titantron changes to show:

Last Man Standing 30%
Hell in a Cell 34%
Ironman 36%

Dale: Well there you have it Tag, tonight’s Main Event is now an Ironman Match. All those who love a traditional wrestling match will be happy.

Tag: Damn I was hoping Hell in a Cell. But I guess Ironman is just as good a match.

Michelle is bouncing on the heels of her feet in excitement.

Mr. Reigns: Well there you go folks, you the TZW Universe have spoken. For those whose match got chosen congrats, for those whose match was not chosen better luck next time. And for you Michelle thank you for your assistance.

Michelle: Thanks.

Mr. Reigns: And while you’re still here, can I ask before you go back to your seat, who will you be supporting in the upcoming match?

Michelle starts to blush slightly.

Michelle: Well… I love the way Steven sounds when he speaks, buuuuuttttt… I’m going to have to go with Monsterio… I love a guy with huge muscles…

Mr. Reigns: I see… well I won’t keep you any longer Michelle. Boys if you don’t mind please escort our young friend here back to her seat.

As Michelle heads back to her seat with her Security Escort, Reigns looks towards Tanith standing in the ring still.

Mr. Reigns: I’ll leave things in your capable hands Tanith.

Reigns heads backstage as Tanith gives him a quick nod.
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Steven The Wonder Boy
Steven The Wonder Boy

Posts : 41
Join date : 2010-10-25
Age : 28
Location : That country... you know the one...

Intro To World Title Match Empty
PostSubject: Re: Intro To World Title Match   Intro To World Title Match I_icon_minitimeFri Apr 29, 2011 1:33 am

OOC: This part can be after my entrance.

Steven "The Wonder Boy" asks Tanith for the microphone in her possession, which she kindly hands over.

Steven: Miss Low everybody!!

Tanith raises a hand to the crowd as they start a small cheer for her.

Steven: Well here we are. Thank you Michelle!!

Steven waves to Michelle in the crowd.

Steven: And thank you all the fans of TZW for voting. We now have our Main Event!! Steven "The Wonder Boy" vs "The Immortal Warrior" Monsterio: Ironman Match!!

The crowd cheers in excitement.

Steven: Now in just a few seconds the battle will begin but first I'd just like to say this. Monsterio a lot has been said this past week, but let me just say that despite all of that, I... Respect You!!

Cheers for Monsterio and Steven come from the crowd.

Steven: Now then lets electrify this crowd like we know I can, like we know you can and like we know we can together!! And hell even if you do lose you could always have Michelle comfort you back at the hotel.

Michelle blushes a bright pink as Steven hands the microphone back to Tanith, while the crowd continues to cheer for Steven and Monsterio.
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Intro To World Title Match
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